How to Decorate like a Scandinavian - The Imperfect Way!

 As a Scandinavian myself I love the Nordic way of home styling. So many great brands (cheap and expensive alike - mix & match all the way!) to choose from.

No need to spend a fortune on all the expensive brands when we have H&M Home, Ellos and of course IKEA.

My home is not a dreamboat of awesome stuff, and it is in no way perfect like the many blogger homes you see online. It can't be, since I have to live in it and love it at the same time. And the tiny factor of having a small child in the home comes with a few limitations...
I don't see the point in having a home that only functions as a showroom. No thank you!

To give your home a quick and  inexpensive Nordic twist, you can take a look at these steps below;
 - If you're on the lookout for new furniture, keep them white or light coloured.
 - Use sheep skin on chairs (or this fake one if you aren't a fan of dead animals).
 - Pastel coloured pillows and throws for the sofa will be awesome (assuming they match your sofa).
 - Wooden picture frames and light coloured posters on the wall.                                         
 - White or light grey curtains (Linen fabric is great for curtains).
 - Bed Linen in pastels or white, grey or beige colours.
 - The colour "soft rose" is a huge hit with me at the moment. Use your favourite pastel colours whenever you can (ex. candle holders, napkins, lamp shades etc).

Good luck with your new Nordic home styling!