Light Box Lamps

There's no denying that light box lamps are any vintage-lover's wet dream.
Inspired by old cinematic signs, these are super awesome in both kids rooms and as home decor where ever you need some soft lighting.
I hadn't really thought much of the lamps until I noticed one at my friend's house and instantly fell in love! Next thought I had was " They must be quite expensive" but I got a pleasant surprise when I searched the net to find one of these wonders. They are in fact very affordable.

I found a few places where you can indulge in this perfect little piece of lighting:

 A4 lamp - A Little Lovely Company

A Little Lovely Company is a Dutch based company and they carry the lamps in both the size A5 and A4. Super cute web shop with a lot of neat things for a nursery/kid's room. They ship worldwide

A4: €39.00
A5: €22.95

Note: Many web shops sell this brand including This Modern Life (UK), LirumLarumLeg (DK) and Lullabuy (UK)
 A5 lamp - A Little Lovely Company

Not on The High Street - UK based web shop. Ship to most countries. They charge £39.95 for a lamp (size: A4)

A4 lamp - Not on The High Street