Stylish Camera bags

I recently bought myself a great DSLR camera, and I'm dead pleased with it. Only issue is the bag to transport it in... It came with the camera, and it is- how do I put it?-...hideous....!
It's a bag with no personality whatsoever. So I decided to cruise online for funky, stylish camera bags, as most bags I found in the shops were very boring and masculine.
Here's a few of my fave ones, found online.

By Epiphanie Bags :

This shop has a lot of different very feminine camera bags. Loads of different colours and designs. Prices start at $154,95. Neat bags for all your other stuff as well!
They also sell camera bags for men.

 By ONA :

I love this shop! Their bags are in a vintage design, and comes in both leather and canvas styles. Although a little pricier, they have great bags in my opinion! Prices around $200-300, depending on the material and size.

By Kelly Moore Bag :

Also famous for very feminine bags, Kelly Moore is fashion bags for the picky chooser. At the moment there is not a huge variety of bags to choose from, but I found a few cool ones. Prices around $200.

By Jo Totes :

This is a shop with something for everyone. Vintage and classic styles, as well as very colourful ones! Definitely worth a visit. also, the prices are very reasonable, starting at $89.